BWF Action: Support for children of political prisoners in Belarus

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of our psychological HELPLINE


Project "SOS" - a video appeal in which the relatives of victims

of Lukashenko's repressive machine call for the release of their loved

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online exhibition "Scream"




Belarus Women's Foundation is filing a claim with the International Criminal Court in The Hague against Lukashenko under the Article “Crimes against Humanity”


Belarus Women’s Foundation publishing and sending urgent appeals to international women’s and human rights organisations, politicians, political and social activists. The announced calls for action are a response to the critical humanitarian situation of thousands of Belarusian women created by the Lukashenka regime  


Freedom to all women political prisoners in Belarus is our main goal. All these women did not commit any crimes, they were all imprisoned for far-fetched reasons. We want to tell a story about each of them... 

A series of interviews with women from Belarus who have experienced the atrocity of the Lukashenko regime

Exhibition of repression employed by the Lukashenko regime, photographic evidence of the criminal acts of a despotic dictator Lukashenka


Online conversations with Veroniсa Tsepkalo


A gallery of video portraits of Belarusian women who took an active part in the Belarusian revolution. Their answers to 5 easy questions open up the secret of power and fragility of Belarusian women

A series of interviews Veronica Tsepkalo with women in leadership about their path to success and personal victories

Belarus Women's Foundation offers free psychological assistance to every woman who has suffered from the political political situation in Belarus. Every woman has the right to a calm and happy life, and our psychologists are there to help to return it.

We appeal to designers to create a collection of White-Red-White clothes to support the brave and beautiful women of Belarus in their struggle for democracy


Who we are

Who we are?

We, the women of Belarus, can no longer remain silent. We have taken to the streets to protect our families and our country from violence and lawlessness.

We are imprisoned, beaten, raped, and expelled from the country. But we are not giving up. After all, truth is on our side.

What Are Doing


We strongly believe that women's resources are truly unlimited and can create new solutions to the shared problems faced by the world.

We help

We provide financial, legal and psychological assistance to women who have experienced harm through defending their rights.

We listen

We believe that every story is unique and contains within it answers to apparently unanswerable questions. We are ready to seek these answers together.

We gather

We gather information about the crimes of the regime. We want every dictator who has raised his hand to a woman to be punished.

We share

We will share our true stories. We want the whole world to hear about the strength and fearlessness of Belarusian women.

We create

Your stories will become part of the history of our country. Only we can write this story. Only then will this story have a happy ending for us.

We will bear testimony to what is happening in Belarus on behalf of the women who are the main protagonists.

We cooperate 

We work in partnership with organisations and initiatives that provide various forms of assistance to  women in need of help. We partner with strong women from other countries who are willing to share their knowledge and resources


We know from our own experience what it feels like to be alone in a difficult situation.

Arrests, beatings, violence during protest marches, fines - this is only some of the ‘services’ provided for us by our law enforcement agencies in return for our taxes.

We admire the courageous and strong women of Belarus who are not afraid to voice their opposition to violence and lawlessness. We want to support them during this difficult time . We know that solidarity between women can work wonders.

By helping strong women of Belarus today, you will become a part of the unique women’s solidarity movement worldwide. Hillary Clinton, Daria Grybauskaite, Cherie Blair QC and many other strong and courageous women of the world have already expressed their support for the women of Belarus

Even the brave experience fear.

We have been forced under threat to believe that we are alone in this struggle.  But we raise our eyes from the ground and look directly at one another. Our courage grows out of unity. Our solidarity is our strength. The responsibility that we take upon ourselves and for our country compels us to continue.  Together we will definitely win.

"WOMEN ARE NOT FOR SALE" BWF's call to undersign a petition

not to recognize the Miss Belarus contest and prevent those involved from being part of an...
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PREVIEW of the 1st line of Belarus Women’s Foundation merchandise

PREVIEW of the 1st line of Belarus Women’s Foundation merchandise

Support of female political prisoners in Belarus
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Video Appeal: Belarus Women's Foundation in Solidarity with women of Afghanistan

Video Appeal: Belarus Women's Foundation in Solidarity with women of Afghanistan

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DW report: project of BWF

DW report: project of BWF "Fashion for Freedom"

Designer Alena Steinke
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Weekly News 06.09.21-12.09.21

Weekly News 06.09.21-12.09.21

week 36
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Birthday of our BWF Chair Veronica Tsepkalo

Birthday of our BWF Chair Veronica Tsepkalo

Our greetings!
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Weekly News 30.08.21-05.09.21

Weekly News 30.08.21-05.09.21

week 35
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