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Veronica Tsepkalo

One of the three leaders of the national democratic movement in Belarus. Along with Svetlana Tsikhanouskaya and Maria Kalesnikova, she succeeded in bringing together an unprecedented number of people to protest against a regime that violates human rights, falsified presidential elections and uses brutal violence against its citizens. The trio have recently been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, and have already received  International Democracy and Sakharov Awards. Currently, Veronica is supporting Belarusian women who have in recent months, been on the receiving end of the regime's cruelty.

Veronika Tsepkalo

Ingura Lipsane

Has experience in international sales, diplomacy and language teaching. A graduate of the Institute (University) of International Relations in Moscow in 1991, started her career in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Latvia, which at the time had just regained independence.

As Export Director of Latvia-designed bathroom equipment producer “PAA”, she set up many export markets and contributed to the growth of the company’s export sales.

In parallel, Ingura has always maintained her commitment to teaching several foreign languages including Swedish, English and Russian. Since 2018, Ingura has been devoting her time to teaching online via Skype  through the platform “Lonet Academy” where, apart from Swedish and Russian, she also teaches Latvian language for students from all over the world.

Ingura is one of the founders of the Belarus Women’s Foundation and actively promotes its work throughout Latvia.

Veronika Tsepkalo